Wednesday, 26 May 2010

To this day I still don't have an answer as to why I was fully clothed and he was semi naked. He tells me it was because jeans are uncomfortable to sleep in. I'm hoping it was that and not a case of me ordering him to get undressed for a bit of action...then falling asleep myself, which could have well been a possibility.

We continued seeing each other until the end of term...he picked my up at the airport when I came back from NYE party in Paris, with a sign for "Miss Hicks". winner.

I met his parents, he met mine. They loved me, mine didn't love him. negative.

We partied together until the early hours, we went out and had nice meals together. positive.

We got drunk, and argued like hell. negative.

He made me cry....a lot.

I ended after 5 months of being totally and utterly exhausted from all the fighting. positive.

2 months later, he came back crawling.

he sent me flowers. i cut them up and returned to sender.

i made him beg + work. he WORKED! positive. (seriously milked all i could at this stage.)

he went back to uni to continue his legal training.

he grew up and shook off his uni bad boy attitude.

I fell back in Love, with LLB


  1. Ooh! You got together! But it sounds like you clashed like hell! What happened? Are you still together now? x

  2. yes, we've been together (on and off) for 4 years now! wit woo!