Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Year..New Start

I feel like I'm really ready for 2011...

Not that I had many avid followers anyway...but for those of you wondering, and probably guessed..i've had a bit of a break from blogging, an event filled summer away in Spain and now I'm back and a few things have changed in life!

1) I'm single, and this time it is most definately for regrets, my call

2) I have a new career almost in high school teaching - well I'm back studying for one anyway and survived the first placement (eventful)

3) I've got thinner! (my hair is still has not thickened up though, but now brunette!)

4) I'm back into blogging, with some hopefully new shit to blog about!

So let 2011 be a year of laughs love and giggles xxx

Thursday, 8 July 2010

La vie est belle

Flopsy and I dined out last night. We haven't seen each other in 2 weeks with each of us enjoying some pre-summer sun, so it was very exciting to catch up on all of our gossip. In the midst of our nutella calzone (the best dessert ever) Flopsy received an email informing her that she had been invited to the interview for................. THE APPRENTICE tv show!!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR HER! imagine!

(this also brings me to think that I sent off an application not so long ago to the weakest link, and I've not had anything back....)
I have 14 days of having to bare this grim office work and boss and mooface. I was particularly surprised at her reaction to me leaving "oh just in time for the bonus". How I managed to stop myself from poking her in the eye I don't know. It's a shame she has agreed to come to my leaving meal really...need to think of someone boring to sit her next to.
I've received my teaching packs for some school placements I'm doing in September. My collection of red pens and stationary from the cupboard here is looking healthy.
LLB is climbing some mountains or something this weekend, the thought of him with a flash light on his head has amused me for sometime now!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Is it listen to your heart and not your head or the other way around?

So a while I go I was blogging about the horse and LLB dilema. A few days away in the sunshine alone to think about it really did do me the world of good and gave me a lot of time to just think...

I did a lot of reading of other blogs as well, and decided that I'm going to do some nice picture inspiration blogs, and found a great website, take a look!

LLB does my head in - and I'm sure I do his, but I figured that if after 4 years and a bit we can still get on with it and be happy, there's no point crying over spilt milk, or horse poo.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Somewhat Liberated

The deed has been done and I handed my notice in.

Unfortunately I recieved an email whilst away from the accounts dept at work notifying that bonuses would be paid in with our July and not our June salary. major bummer. so I thought I may as well go for it on the monday. I felt sick to the stomach all day at bitchfaces reaction, then at 4.15 I knew it was now or never.

Surprisingly enough she cried....and took it all very well....and told me I'd be missed maybe she's glad to get rid of me?!

Oh well I hope I get a nice leaving present!!!

p.s I'm going to see Stevie Wonder tonight with LLB and MEGA excited!!! and hopefully there will be some more interesting posts soon.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Countdown Begins...

The countdown to handing the notice in continues....and I'm beginning to get a bit nervous. ooooo. One and a half days left this week at work and then there is the decision: after my 2 weeks off, I come back on the monday (pay day and bonus paid in day). Do I

1) hand my notice in on that monday???

2) wait until the tuesday, so I dont look like I'm just waiting for my pay and bonus (which really I am)???

and then there's the resignation letter..... Going to have to do some research on that one but I welcome any suggestions!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

They Don't work

I was still struggling to get the right paperwork sent for my Spanish police check - this time the photocopy of my passport wasn't signed/stamped by a solicitor. Fine I thought, I can get LLB to get one of the guys at work to do it but no, they don't know me so won't do it.
Having never had to use a solicitor yet in my life for anything, I called my dad for some advice.

Now when horse and I were together, our parents got on really well and his dad ended up doing a lot of legal work for my dad's business, my dad still uses him and I think you can gather where this is going.

The last time I was in that office was A level results day - he had a bucket of champagne on ice waiting for us both :) A bag of nerves I went in then, waiting to open our results in front of him. This time I was a bag of nerves as well....nervous to see him again after so long, and to see the pictures on his wall of all the family.

He didn't really mention horse, and as much as I wanted to ask him everything about what he was up to, if he had a girlfriend, what she was like, I held back. He gave me a big hug as I left. I sat in my car, and cried. I cried because all the time that I was in there talking to him and getting the signatures and stamps, I could see the picture on his desk of horse and I realised that I still really missed him. But why??? why why why after everything that went on and why when I'm happy with LLB?

Since then every night I have been dreaming about him.....and it's really thrown me in my tracks

Sunday, 6 June 2010

No Regrets

So that was me bringing you up to date with my current relationship status. LLB and I have been together now for 4 years (on and off). which is quite scary to think of being with someone for that long. and I do stress that it was very much on and off for a while. The off leading me to date a really wanker (i was on the rebound), and then get back with LLB again.

Now, if you have read my earlier posts you will have read about horse. My first boyfriend and only other time I'd been in love - my first love really actually. Despite it all ending, and the awkward stages thereafter, I couldnt help but accept his friend request on facebook a while ago and yes, I did set my settings so he could only see the albums I looked decent in and did censor my relationship status from him. However when you live in a smallish town and have a lot of mutual friends, word does get round of each other current status. If there's nothing worse than having friends, male or female, telling yo you're making a mistake with your current love interest, it's probably having your ex telling you this....and being right. Whilst I used to get a kick out of him knowing I was seeing someone else, I was always curious to know if his regular texts were generally out of concern or jealousy, and would always get that lump in the throat when the love intrest would start going skewiff, thinking he was right.

I'd probably say that right now things are going really very well with LLB. It's been ages since our last argument and I do feel quite in love. He even stayed my friend after me getting frightfully drunk at a wedding last night, falling down some stairs, and blaming him for pushing me. Love? He paid for a taxi for us to the other side of london, just so I could visit primrose bakery and couldnt face the tube hungover. Love?

But last week something happened that has really thrown me somewhat and is constantly in the back of my mind...