Sunday, 6 June 2010

No Regrets

So that was me bringing you up to date with my current relationship status. LLB and I have been together now for 4 years (on and off). which is quite scary to think of being with someone for that long. and I do stress that it was very much on and off for a while. The off leading me to date a really wanker (i was on the rebound), and then get back with LLB again.

Now, if you have read my earlier posts you will have read about horse. My first boyfriend and only other time I'd been in love - my first love really actually. Despite it all ending, and the awkward stages thereafter, I couldnt help but accept his friend request on facebook a while ago and yes, I did set my settings so he could only see the albums I looked decent in and did censor my relationship status from him. However when you live in a smallish town and have a lot of mutual friends, word does get round of each other current status. If there's nothing worse than having friends, male or female, telling yo you're making a mistake with your current love interest, it's probably having your ex telling you this....and being right. Whilst I used to get a kick out of him knowing I was seeing someone else, I was always curious to know if his regular texts were generally out of concern or jealousy, and would always get that lump in the throat when the love intrest would start going skewiff, thinking he was right.

I'd probably say that right now things are going really very well with LLB. It's been ages since our last argument and I do feel quite in love. He even stayed my friend after me getting frightfully drunk at a wedding last night, falling down some stairs, and blaming him for pushing me. Love? He paid for a taxi for us to the other side of london, just so I could visit primrose bakery and couldnt face the tube hungover. Love?

But last week something happened that has really thrown me somewhat and is constantly in the back of my mind...

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  1. Really good post! I can't wait to hear what's next...