Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The morning after the night before

10am, late for a lecture and trying to piece together last night..judging by the amount of bodies in our lounge, and empty bottles falling out the bin it must have ended with us inviting back a plethora of people coming back for an after party, and 3 pairs of heels that I didn't recognise, Hunter must have been "entertaining".

Halfway through a lecture my phone started vibrating - 2 new messages

Hunter: "bring me back some lucozade" nice.

Dumper: "so are you going to come on a date with me again - promise not to stand you up this time"

It seems we swapped numbers- and saved him under "dumper"


Not wanting to seem like a keen bean (even though I totally was), I left it until the evening to text back.

"As long as it's not to see the Truman Show again"

immediate text back - he must be keen

" drinks on sunday at the ruby lounge?, 7pm see u there"

Sunday came round, and major butterflies in le tum! and what to wear for sunday drinks???? once the wardrobe had been turned upside down and the leopard print boots were donned, I made my way into the ruby lounge. THERE WAS NO ONE THERE, apart from dumper himself, looking quite cool in a coral coloured top and nice jeans. (didn't get a chance to look at his shoes.)

The conversation was actually quite awkward and there were lots of long pauses.... which led me fill those with rather long sips of my drink and later, a suggestion to go to a club. yes. a club, on a sunday.

By this time I was quite tipsy, and didn't really care if I didn't see him again so I thought, fuck it let's just get trashed and dance.

The following morning I woke up in my bed fully clothed, even down to my boots and scarf. Then I felt a strange presence in my room, and as i turned over there was a semi naked male body in my bed..............................

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  1. Fun story - I can't wait to find out what happened next!