Wednesday, 10 March 2010

What an exciting afternoon

I have 4 followers, I've never felt so fulfilled in all my days at work!!! thank you for joining and following me, I promise to answer all of your comments and read your blogs too :) Isn't it an exciting feeling when you get another follower!

Mona and I escaped work early today.
1) I was in urgent need of chocolate
2) Eve my boss is away
3) I wasn't sure how much longer I could sit and listen to moo going on.

moo really annoys me. but like REALLY annoys me. she's one of these people that loves the sound of her own voice, and can change any conversation you are having with her around, so it's about her. I try and avoid instigating conversation with her at all costs, but even when we're working on stuff together, it "somehow" ends up that we're talking about her. As much as I try and stay polite, I don't think it will be long that she pushes me to the point where I end up spitting some profanities her way. She won't get a hug when I leave.

I remember once at a sales meeting she was going ooonnn and oonnn to another colleague, to the point that colleague fell asleep, but moo CARRIED ON TALKING ANYWAY???!!!

She also sticks her nose into everyone else's business, like earwigging into other conversations then swanning over to put her oar in. noone asked you...mooo.

Anyway, more pressing matters::::

Token gay is in bangladesh and I want to send him a parcel of goodies, including mosquito repellant. Does anyone know the best way to send such items, or if you are allowed, to Bangladesh?


  1. You know I know how you feel its the same for me I got my first followers as well, I feel happy I had two cans of coke lol, anyway its nearly midnight and bed calls so glad to follow looking forward to more blogs.

  2. Can your friend not buy mosquito repellent in Bangladesh?

    Oh and it sucks that Facebook is banned at your work. How on earth do they expect you to plan your social life?! ;-)

    Kate x

  3. Kate - it seems that he can't no, where he is at the moment seems quite remote as far as shops go. I really like you're blog - this morning I will dedicate a good hour to reading it :)

    Arrmand - to cans of coke hey! rock and roll!!!

    now there is 8 people following me!