Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Let's start from the very beginning

Well, I had been thinking of doing this for a while...and here I am. I feel somewhat nervous, like I am writing an ad for a dating site?!

The main reason for starting a blog?....I am excedingly frustrated at work right now, and I am hoping that this will be some form of escapism. (And also cosmopolitan (my bible) horoscopes recommended I started a blog) So let's see what happens!

So let's start from the very beginning - I'm fast approaching 25, I graduated uni 2 1/2 years ago with a degree in Languages + business, a passion for fashion and a willingness to party all the time. During the course, I spent time in Nice (Fr), Jaen (Sp) and Paris, where I left my heart.... I actually have an unhealthy desire to return to the city. I'm sure I will talk more about these places and experinces more in other posts.

Right now, I work for a pharma company in "marketing" as a glorified dogsbody to my boss. I was promised the world in my interview, and I'm still waiting, 2 years on. So, after sleepless nights and lots of tears, I had one of those moments where I thought, lets go back to uni!
In September I'm starting a PGCE and going to teach languages. Noone here knows yet, not even my close work friends... June is D day when I hand my notice in, then I have 1 months notice period which I'm guessing will be hell, and August is going to be spent in Spain with my family and friends before I enter studentville again!

I have a boyfriend, LLB - he's also my best friend. We have been together since final year and he has OCD. I worry if we will ever be able to live together because of this....

Other important people in my life who you will be reading about:

Louiza - my partner in crime from uni. The name of my blog is because of her (I used to wear Chanel glasses at uni, and she decided to call me Chanel girl until she learnt my name) I'd say we really bonded in Nice when we lived in a glorified shack together. It had a great terrace though. We also practically spent night and day together in Paris, chasing our dreams, patisseries and parties.

My 2 village girls - Danni and Flopsy. F and I have known each other for 10 years now, she's probably my closest friend that I've known and trusted for that long, apart from Hunter. D, F and I all worked together in the local pub and since then a beautiful friendship has blossomed.

Hunter and I grew up together - he is like my big brother really and we lived together in final year of uni. Despite us still living and working minutes apart, I barely see him which really saddens me. He doesn't like my boyfriend, and I despise his girlfriend. People say it's jealousy, but I guess noone is going to be good enough for your big brother or sister, and I suppose that's the way we see each other. I really want him to get back together with twinkle toes, his ex and a great friend of mine - we met through him, and you know when you have those drunken conversations "if you guys ever break up, we'll still be best friends", well we still are, much to his current gfs disapproval.

I wouldn't be able to get through my days at work without Mona. She's Irish and great, I needen't say more.

The token gay friend is working in bangladesh right now, we were also in Paris together. I miss him.

Lastly, there is Bunny, who I only properly got to know in my final year of uni, and since she moved back to Paris we drifted...she's pregnant, and moving back to the UK soon.

I haven't forgotten my family! who I actually still live with - Mum, Dad, Batman (my hormonal 17 yr old brother).

I guess they are the main people in my life...others pop in and out along the way.

I promise the next post won't be this long, is there a limit? I wanted to fill you in though before I start blogging!!!

...I hope that I get some followers and support on here!! Imagine if it's just a lonely blog in cyberspace!


  1. You're right chanel, we do have a lot in common! I can't wait to read more, you have me as a follower :) I also love that you travel so much since I have never even been to europe. Glad we happened upon each other today!


  2. stephanie I'm trying to follow you but blogger keeps on crashing on me!! Will try when I get home later.

    If you have any requests of any of the above people in my life that you would like to hear stories about, do let me know! be it fun times i've had with them, times when we've cried, times when we've shouted....