Wednesday, 10 March 2010

17 days, 22 hours, 40 mins...

...Until it's holiday time. I don't think I've ever wanted a holiday as much as right now.

I'm going to Vegas, and then driving to California to stay in Santa Monica and discover the west coast. (I'm embarassed to say that I actually had to do the N S E W thing in my head then to work out that it was west...).

If anyone has been to these placed before I would greatly appreciate any tips of things to do and places to see. I have been to Vegas before, but only stopping off for a few days to break my trip to Hawaii up. At the time I was 19, and found $150 in the filter of the jacizzi at the bellagio. I must have been the only person that holiday to have won money without having to gamble. I'm not a big gambler at all, but I will have a little flutter while I am there this time - it's my birthday after all! (just remebered I put £10 on a horse running at cheltnam today, again, I am not a gambler - this is a client of mine who also is a journalist for a racing magazine, he gave me the we will see if I'm going to be doing any more bookings with him!)

I'm also hoping to see the cirque du soleil "Love" show. I'm not a massive fan of the beatles, despite me working in their city, but my brother got the rock band game for xmas and since then, my interest in their music has grown. My fave is "saw her standing there" as it reminds me of the shop I used to work in at uni - I used to clean the floor to this song.

It's funny how songs remind you of things....anyone with other links to beatles songs?


  1. Hey Chanel, nice to see you, the link worked!
    as far as Vegas goes, I've never been, which is quite a shame. But before I got to your last paragraph, the though of " Beatles: Love" was in my head! Go see it and please tell me what you think. I have the soundtrack but it's as close as I've gotten. I love the Beatles, I love Cirque de Soliel, what could go wrong? And even if you don't care for the beatles much I think it's impossible not to like a Cirque de Soliel show.

  2. im also a new bloggerr, and its nice to get comments and folowersss jaja it makes me feel so great.
    and about vegas, well im only 17 but when i went i stayed at the encore its part of the wynn, and well i basically saw every celebrity there and the inside of the encore is beautiful sort of like a colorful butterfly garden theme..
    i went with my best friend and our mothers, it was a very fun experience try having dinner at the encore they have a pretty cool/weird/abstract showw that plays in the water while your eatting.

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  4. yeah my dad played guitar and sang me The Beatles songs all my life. Whenever I hear Yesterday, it always reminds me of him. that was his favorite song. he's the reason I love The Beatles

  5. right then HBM - will be heading there for my birthday meal then! maybe some celebs can serenade me with Happy Birthday!

  6. Hi Chanel

    I was 16 when Love Me Do came out, so I essentially grew up with the Beatles. It's good to see that younger people appreciate the band, but it must be a different experience now, when you can start with Sergeant Pepper if you wish. We got it in sequence, as it were.

    I wrote about it here: