Tuesday, 27 April 2010

My first experience with Northwood boys - This should have been a lesson to me that they are all knob heads

At the tender age of 15, I met a boy at the joint school disco (I was educated from the age of 5 at a single sex girls school, Northwood girls, you'd think that would turn me, but we quickly learnt how to sneak out to the boys school down the road...).
We danced, stiff arms on each others shoulders, we snogged non stop like it was supposed to be a world record, we exchanged numbers (landline I must admit, there was no flirty texts back in the day). I was in L.O.V.E....
After countless love letter exchanges from the boys on the bus, we had arranged to go out on a date to see the Truman Show at the ABC cinemas in my local town. Thinking back now, getting a little bit of torn paper with scribbled writing was so much more exciting than an email or text.
Anyway I can remember being a nervous wreck and getting my dad to drop me off around the corner so he didn't spy on me.
I waited and waited but there was no sign.

I waited longer, about 25 minutes, wakling around the little green at the front of the cinema so as not to look like I had been stood up, but that sinking feeling was now firm in my mind....I had been stood up. Oh I was heartbroken - more so that I had to find a payphone and ring my dad to come and pick me up. I cried all the way home and vowed never to date Northwood boys again. I couldn't even send a rude message to tell him where to stick it. The jerk.

Needless to say no more love letters were exchanged, and I doubted that I would EVER be able to go on a date again in fear that I would be stood up.
I did however end up dating said Northwood boys again...
to be continued


  1. Oh I remember those days! Passing notes in class. Blushing when the cute boy I fancied looked at me. Oh those were the days!

    So did you date the boy that stood you up in the future?

  2. I am from a totally different generation than you, but I STILL remember being stood up once. A boy had been begging me everyday at school for 6 months to go to the movies with him.... I finally said yes, and he never showed!!!!!! See... my instincts were right to turn him down!

    Cute blog btw, and I'm a total Chanel fan!